Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Coast To Coast

Jennifer Rubin says Democrat corruption scandals are going coast to coast. She gives a link to this American Spectator story.

The Obama transition team was aware of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's relationship with the firm currently being investigated, CDR Financial Products, because Richardson had introduced the firm's founder, David Rubin, to Obama fundraisers during the Democrat convention in Denver last August.

Richardson withdrew his name from nomination for Commerce Secretary due to a grand jury investigation into possible financial dealings between his New Mexico administration and Rubin's firm, CDR Financial.

But it isn't just Obama and Richardson that Rubin has ties to. According to federal law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation, federal officials are also looking into CDR's political and financial ties to Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, as well as to Democrat state and local officials in Illinois, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Rendell placed Rubin on a political patronage commission in Pennsylvania, and Rubin was also given a seat on a Los Angeles City commission back in 2002, both seemingly as the result of political contributions to political action committees. Rubin has also been a financial supporter of Rev. Al Sharpton.
And that is just the beginning of the American Spectator article. It reminds me of the scandals we used to see when companies had interlocking boards of directors. Fortunately the national media is not doing its job of investigating and exposing these mopes leaving us bloggers with plenty of fodder.

Eventually the weight of all this corruption will drag down the Democrats. So in a way the national news people have been doing the Republicans a big favor. Instead of a few firecrackers going off the explosives have been piled up and when they finally go off some one a mile away is going to notice.

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