Wednesday, December 03, 2008

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To remind you of Chicago Pile-1.
Chicago Pile-1 (CP-1) was the world's first artificial nuclear reactor. CP-1 was built on a racquets court, under the abandoned west stands of the original Alonzo Stagg Field stadium, at the University of Chicago. The first artificial, self-sustaining, nuclear chain reaction was initiated within CP-1, on December 2, 1942.
I used to play tennis at the place where the racquets courts used to be. That would have been in 1962. There was a nice plaque commemorating the event attached to the tennis court fences. It is now suitably mounted on a small monument about 100 ft South of where the tennis courts used to be.

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Anonymous said...

Nice mushroom cloud.

And from those inauspicous UofC beginnings, you can now "bomb" the city of Chicago itself from the comfort of your own chair. I prefer the air burst deployment method at 4MT.

Thank God for Teller the war monger -- although I doubt the commemorative plaque would survive.

David said...

There was a "CP-5" building next door to the Advanced Photon Source back when I worked at Argonne National Labs. Any idea where Chicago Piles 2-4 were located? Do the buildings still exist?

David said...

Well, answered my own question...