Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama Lied, His Supporters Cried

Television station KHQA reported that B. Obama met with Governor Blagojevich shortly after the election to discuss his replacement for the US Senate seat he was vacating.

By Alexis Hunt - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 9:48 p.m.

QUINCY, IL -- Now that Barack Obama will be moving to the White House, his seat in the U.S. Senate representing Illinois will have to be filled.

Obama met with Governor Rod Blagojevich earlier this week to discuss it. Illinois law states that the governor chooses that replacement. There's already been speculation about his selection...from Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior to Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs Director Tammy Duckworth.

Duckworth made an appearance in Saturday's Veterans' parade in Quincy. We asked her about the possibility of filling Obama's seat.

"The Governor's office confirmed yesterday that he is considering me and I am deeply honored jus to be considered. I hope whoever is selected is someone who is willing to travel around the state and gets to know this wonderful state. I'm just honored to be considered," Duckworth said.
I guess Axelrod was telling the truth and Obama lied when he said he never talked with Blagojevich about the Senate seat. In fact you can listen to him lying if your interest is sufficiently prurient.

That is so disappointing. The Smartest President Ever™ lied. And with Nobel Prize winner and former Next President of the United States Al Gore siting right next to him. Not to mention soon to be Vice President Joe Biden. And so many reporters witnessed it.

He had better start doing a better job of covering his tracks or he will not last a year in office. And to think I thought he was telling the truth. I'll never make that mistake again.

This seems to be unraveling much faster than the Second Rate Burglary did. I am so looking forward to the "I am not a crook" speech. I'm sure the Smartest President Ever™ will deliver it well. He is a graduate of Harvard you know. Not some podunk school in Idaho.

Update: 11 Dec 008 0323z

H/T to Instapundit for this update.

It seems that station KHQA has deleted the story from their www site. JammieWearingFool has the details along with a screen shot and a link to Gateway Pundit. May I suggest you contact and let them know what you think.

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RavingDave said...

I was telling a friend earlier today that you can look at this corruption in illinoise two ways.
Obama was either a smooth operator who was very capable of dealing with the lying, bribing, extorting,kickbacking, backscratching, thieving corrupt thugocracy that is part of crook county politics, or he was an oblivious idiot.

If there is a third possibility, I don't know what it would be.
Crook or Idiot seem to be the only two possibilities, and neither of them are what this country needs.


peter said...

An easily dis-proven lie about a potentially embarrassing but plausibly innocent meeting... Now that really raises questions. I'd call it a mistake on the order of how Nixon mishandled the Watergate aftermath.