Thursday, December 11, 2008

Energy Czar

A new energy czar has been picked by the incoming administration.

Steven Chu, 60 years old, director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, will be nominated as secretary of energy, Democratic officials said Wednesday.
The Smartest President Elect Ever™ appears intent on further hobbling the economy with more command and control efforts.
With the appointments and nominations, Mr. Obama is signaling his seriousness about combating climate change by curbing emissions of greenhouse gases and spending heavily to boost energy efficiency and promote renewable energy.

He also appears to be moving to the left with some of his new choices -- at least on business issues -- after his early cabinet choices were widely seen as centrist and moderate. "What you've got are people who are committed to moving forward with regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, which we believe is a huge mistake," William Kovacs, vice president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview. "If we're embarking on a new infrastructure program that's going to involve building a lot of roads and bridges, the last thing we want to do is hold it up with CO2 regulations."
Well Obama is a lawyer. He thinks that with the proper enforcement you can make anything happen. Well he may be right. You can destroy an economy that way. The Soviet Union proved that.

It will be interesting to see if Chu is a big fusion guy (ITER), a little fusion guy (projects like the Bussard Fusion Reactor), or if he wants to balance the efforts.

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Anonymous said...

I see you're still the self-annointed Chief Engineer™ of Bussard Fringe Science™.

I hope you can hold your breath a long time cause Chu isn't going to give your kind of trash experiments a single dime without actual results.