Monday, November 10, 2008

What Is The Democrat Party?

The Democrat Party is a coalition of the oppressed and formerly oppressed Americans.

And who was doing the oppressing? Social conservatives of the Protestant variety.

Here is one example dealing with the public schools.

Separate Roman Catholic and Jewish schools were established in the mid-nineteenth century, first in New York City, and later across the country. This was in response to the overly anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish positions presented by most textbooks used in public schools throughout the nation, in the interest of promoting Protestant homogamy throughout the United States.
Until the Republican Party does something about being identified with oppressors it will be in a world of hurt.

My suggestion? Champion marijuana legalization. It would show that the party stands not only for Economic Liberty but also Cultural Liberty.

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ZenDraken said...

The inherent contradiction of liberalism is that to maintain the power to "help" the downtrodden, you have to ensure there are always enough downtrodden voters to keep you in office.

On the other hand: The inherent contradiction of conservatism is that you have to attain the power of government in order to reduce power of government.

RavingDave said...

Excellent insight !

A corollary:
Conservatives due not gravitate to government willingly, they do so out of self defense.


ZenDraken said...

I got the distinct impression that John McCain was a reluctant candidate. He didn't really, really, *REALLY* want the White House.

All the more reason he should be there instead of the seekers of ultimate power.

e said...

Can't the leftist illuminati just accept that we're all oppressed if we choose to see ourselves as so? Not much is done if we don't choose to rise above the oppression