Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Need Some Names

In the spirit of biPartisanship we are going to need some good nicknames for That One. Now some or all of these may not be the best but I want to start the ball rolling. Leave your ideas in the comments. I'll do another post if warranted on the really good ones.

President ACORN
President Fannie
President Hussein
President Marx (Groucho or Karl - makes no difference)
President Zero shortened to P∅ or PZero
President Meltdown
The Joke
The Fraud
Leader Of The Cult - shortened to O'Cult for his followers

and of course the ever popular WPE - Worst President Ever. I also like DTR - Dumber Than Rocks. And WFA is a definite possibility - Waste, Fraud, and Abuse. NMP - Not My President could work.

Of course Michelle will need one as well and I think it is obvious based on her inauguration dress what that should be:

The Black Widow

Based on her temperament:

Grumpy or The Grump

Besides those I'm sure events will suggest others. The tone I want to strike is more ridicule than hate. But if a little hate creeps in? I think it is only fair.

Now how about his administration?

The Chicago Mob
Crooks and Clowns

Have at it readers.


Edgar said...

At the moment, I don't have any good titles for our newly-minted President-elect, but how about some suggestions for a bumper sticker?

" you thought that was YOUR money?"
"O...where has my money gone!"
"O...$hit! What were we thinking?"

As for our future first lady, how about:

"Out Lady of the Perpetual Scowl"

ZenDraken said...

"Obamunism" is a great starting point. It encapsulates the whole ideology in a nice snarky little box.

Obama is "Our Great Obamunist Leader", or "Great Leader". His followers are all Obamunists. His cabinet and other associates are the Chicago Obamunist Mob. Lots of variations possible here, but they all associate Obama with communism.

And amazingly, it gets sharply to the point without being petty. It merely shines a light on the subject. "Chimpy McBushitler" was mean-spirited but devoid of any reality-based insight.

For a nice, short nickname, try "B.O.".

rbl said...

I was always partial to the scabrous
"B**tF**k YoMama".

John_David_Galt said...

I suggest his administration be called the Obama Nation, pronounced "abomination".

Kned said...

"Black Widow"???
Thank God for TCP/IP protocol and the FBI...