Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Obama Economy - An Anecdote

Commenter Sara at Just One Minute gives us this little gem.

Well, the owner of the dry cleaners my d-i-l manages came in this morning and informed 3 of the workers that because of Obama's election and the higher taxes he is facing as a result, 3 employees would be eliminated. He then let them go on the spot.

Penny says every one that got fired today voted for O and they don't understand why. One girl as she was leaving told Penny, "this isn't the way I was told it would work."
But it is the way things do work. What a lesson in economics we are about to get.

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Anonymous said...

If your little "gem" is actually true, it sounds like they got fired for exercising their right to vote. Did the owner take them out back afterwards and shoot them too? Most reasonable people would call that discrimination. You of course, think it's deserved.

I still can't believe you weren't over at the park last night, celebrating our country's diversity with one arm around a black man and the other around a Latino. Guess you were too busy surfing the 'net for your next July 4 calendar girl -- white girls only, of course!

peter said...

If vocal Obama Supporters were the first let go it sounds to me like just deserts for taking action hostile to the business. Of course, given the entitlement mentality of many Obamasites, there may by other reasons they'd be the first to go.