Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Looking For A Party

Every attempt to legislate vice into oblivion has led to vice + crime.

And yet socons keep falling for that trick. If you have studied the matter you know that Economic Socialism is at best a brake on the economy and at worst causes retrograde motion.

Cultural Socialism (using government power to end sin) always leads to an increase in crime. But socons - being the simple folks that they are - keep falling for the empty promises of Cultural Socialism.

So we have two parties whose main features are: Democrats - they know Cultural Socialism doesn't work. Republicans - they know Economic Socialism doesn't work.

I'm looking for a viable party that knows Socialism doesn't work. Period.


Anonymous said...

Although I am a God-fearing worshiper, I agree with you. Government should confine itself constitutional principles and stop with the social engineering.

Having said that, where do we draw the line? That's the question. Should we have drug laws, a drinking age? Where would a constitution-respecting government come down on the subject of gay marriage?

rumcrook said...

30 years ago no one would have imagined "gay marriage"

if a traditional view of what marriage is (man women) that is thousands of years old is changed, what cannot be stopped? brother and sister marrying? a man marrying his dog? a society does have a right to protect itself from destructive things while balancing a maximized freedom

and how about polygammy?

in a society that gives out welfare many of these screwed up cultist polygammy towns are all on the dole and were paying for them to have multiple "wives" and children they cant afford. now we might sanction it? and then there would be no stigma? and they would still need assistance?

keeping some kind of social order is sometimes messy business and upsets some subsets but it doesnt mean it shouldnt be done.

Adamgv said...

Really great blog!

As long as people vote democratic or republican, things will never change in this country and our quality of life will
continue to degrade.

As you know, the media and other controlling sources make us think that we only have two choices for
the presidency in our nation.

Did you know the first third party in our country was the anti-freemasonic party? They were
good people that stood against evil and offered our country a third choice for leadership. Leadership that stood against
the tyranny, suppression, and oppression that we face today.

We need real change and to get our nation off of the oil and corrupt pharmaceutical industry standard. Please review our
website, contact us with any questions or comments, and help us anyway you can.


Adam Vohrer
Vice President

Citizens Committee for Restructured Government (CCRG)

Anonymous said...

I would suggest you look at something called the Melting Pot Project.

tomcpp said...

"Every attempt to legislate vice into oblivion has led to vice + crime."

That's certainly true for murder. What is the point of your soundbite ?

Everybody should get access to harddrugs, even though they are proven to compromise free will, rendering any victim of them unable to stop. This is supposed to be "increasing freedom". Exactly how idiotic do you have to be to allow this ?

Every pair of 2 people should get access to the word "marriage", even though allowing this would fundamentally change the concept of marriage, instead of "allowing gays to marry". It would not, it could not be a marriage due to PHYSICAL constraints. A gay marriage is nothing but a pleasure union, without purpose. It cannot have the purpose of marriage because that is physically impossible.

Marriage, a union between a man and a woman with the purpose of having a family, with children is one of the most valuable things to society, which brings financial gain (and many other gains) to society and brings a huge financial hardship to the individuals. Therefore, IN THIS CASE, there should be an effort by the society to alleviate the money lost due to caring for eachother, due to bigger house for kids, due to schooling, medical care, ... and so on and so on.

Gay and normal marriages are fundamentally physically different things. They CANNOT be made equal by any human, nor by all humans combined.

After gay marriage, we'll allow muslim marriage, perhaps ? Selling women into involuntary servitude. That's also "increasing freedom". After all, the man could much easier torture a woman. All he'd need is money, and the police would help him.

Trying to change reality will only lead to suffering. Simon, you know that. Why do you want to try ? Gay marriage is a disaster waiting to happen. Worse, the only reason to allow it is a current fashion trend.

Why must we all AGAIN suffer due to the inability of idiots to accept the reality they live in ?

M. Simon said...


Obviously you are unfamiliar with the difference between vice and crime.

You might want to look that up and then rejoin the discussion.

M. Simon said...

The problem with polygamy is not polygamy. It is welfare. Cut that out and the practice would mostly die off.

As to the other problems: government out of marriage. Except for certain limited cases that was a rather recent invention.

We have tried it for about 150 years or so and it is not working out. I'll go with the conservative solution: give it up and return to former practices.