Monday, November 03, 2008

Big Obama Win Predicted

The pollsters at Gallup are predicting a 13 point win for Obama.

Me? I've looked at their numbers (you should too) and I don't believe them. History will show that the pollsters have been consistently wrong all through the primaries and they will be no better in the general.

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Chus said...

Full Obama TV Ad! :)

M. Simon said...

You need to click on the link to find out what actually happened.

Anonymous said...

So now we can add yet another thing you are a self proclaimed expert in: Polling. Let's refresh our memories on your many areas of expertise:

1. Nuclear fusion (A fan favorite, especially since you have precisely zero experience in the field)
2. Drug Addiction (I'm sure you have plenty of experience here)
3. Climate Change (Again, zero experience in the field.
4. Polling.

I suppose if you count the ability to generate steaming piles of shit on a blog everyday then yes, you are very experienced.

Down went McCainy to the bottom of the sea...