Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama Chicago Gang Connection?

I have been looking into a possible Obama - Chicago gang connection. So far all I have to go on is rumor and the knowledge that gangs such as the El Rukns and the Black P. Stone Nation are very big in Chicago politics. Then there is the Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr. connection to Obama and Jesse Sr.'s brother in law Noah Webster.

I'm going to give you some of the rumors. If any one has anything more definite please leave a comment.

From the comments at Byron Crawford:

I was telling you guys ass that Hussain Obama was right in the thick of that Chicago shit that bol is talking about. It was right after he graduated from college.

He got his first job in the inner city of Chicago and was very friendly with all the muslim influenced brothers.
Jesse Jackson declares support for Obama in 2007 - wiki

Jesse Jackson and Obama's nuts:
Plus, I haven't forgotten that a few years ago, Bill O'Reilly was trashing JJ because he refused to release financial statements from PUSH, Operation Breadbasket, and the Rainbow Coalition. Plus, plus he knew that his son, Jesse Jr. is a co-chair on Obama's campaign.
From a comment at Michelle Malkin
I guess after getting the endorsement of the infamous gang banging “Almighty Black P. Stone Nation” formly known as the “Black Stone Rangers.” Obama pretty much has Chicago all wrapped up

Why hasn’t the media reported on Obama’s and the reveren Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright connection with the “Almighty Black P. Stone Nation.”
From the comments at Black America Web:
fbi files show a tie between rev wright & chicago black terror gang 'the el rukns'
El Rukn - Libya Connection

Jesse Jackson and the El Rukns

Obama's Environment - the Criminal Gangs of Chicago's South Side.

What would I look for in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records? For disbursement to Chicago Street Gang Fronts.

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Doug said...

ot - Michael Yon
No Victory Dances
23 August 2008
I hope to land in Afghanistan tomorrow, but as for tonight, I'm stuck in a hotel reading everything I can devour on Iraq and Afghanistan.
An interesting interview with General Petraeus surfaced. General Petraeus has always been objective in his communications with me.

I see in this Newsweek exclusive, that General Petraeus is again dampening expectations.
Click here to read the entire article by Rod Norland in Newsweek.

Doug said...

U.S. Navy arrives in Georgia with aid

M. Simon said...


Thanks for the Georgia bit.

M. Simon said...

And thanks for your efforts on our behalf. I wish I was young enough to go.

Good luck and may you return with mission accomplished or at least a lot of progress in that direction.

M. Simon said...

My mistake. It was Michael Yon who was going to Afghanistan.

Good luck to him.

Doug said...

Way above my pay grade!
...and 40 years too late.
My exploits near the DMZ were in a steam heated concrete barracks @ Camp Cobern, Korea.
(although we did drag ourselves w/our missile launchers out in the field from time to time)

M. Simon said...


About the same time frame for me.

Yankee Station in '66.

AubidadedBallad said...

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