Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama Birth Certificate Issue Heats Up

Texas Darlin takes a look at the Obama birth certificate issue and has a few words on the matter.

Techdude’s latest report, written exclusively for the TexasDarlin blog, is mind-blowing. This report responds to critics; solves the “security border” mystery; AND exposes THE SMOKING GUN that will be conclusive in proving that the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) proffered by Barack Obama on his official campaign website IS FAKE.

I am grateful to Techdude for his dedication to the truth, as I am to Polarik, Michele (who donated her COLB), Judah Benjamin, JimJ, the No Quarter team, and everyone who supports our efforts.
I have no opinion one way or the other at this time. Every time I see a point made in the comments pro or con I am swayed. So my opinion on the matter is not worth a damn. However, Bill Clinton had a very interesting thing to say about Obama. From Atlas Shrugs:
...Bill Clinton made an intriguing turn of phrase when he said, during a trip to Africa: "I never was mad at Sen. Obama," the former president said. "I think everybody's got a right to run for president who qualifies under the Constitution. And I'd be the last person to begrudge anybody their ambition." Even Snopes has accepted that Obama cannot qualify for the presidency based on his mother's citizenship. He must be born in the United States to be a "natural born citizen." If this latest analysis is borne out as true, and the certificate of live birth was derived from a lady, whether it's his sister or not, Sen. Obama will have a lot of explaining to do.
You can read more on this at Israeli Insider and No Quarter.

The first comment at Texas Darlin is interesting too: (edited to make the url work.)
I just came across this news item, and it made me wonder if it might have some play in the discussions over Obama’s mother’s marriage and Obama’s birth. Barack Obama Sr. ’s third wife was named Ruth Nidesand, and her surving son (Barack Jr.’s step-brother) is named Mark Ndesandjo. Here’s what the TimesOnline says in part about Mark: “Obama, however, refers to him simply as ‘my brother’ and says he was the only uncontested heir after their father, a Kenyan, died in a car crash in 1982. ” How could Barack Jr.’s step-brother be the only “uncontested heir” of his father? Why were people contesting Barack Jr.? Was he considered illegitimate as an heir, as it appears? Or am I reading this in the wrong way?
Interesting. I wonder if it makes any difference? What are the rules of citizenship if his mother's marriage was not legal?

Curiouser and curiouser. Some one ask Alice. I think she'll know. When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead...

Update: 05 Aug 008 1237z

Larry Johnson says that Obama's sister, Maya Kassandra Soetoro, is the name on the birth certificate that some one has allegedly altered to be Obama's birth certificate. Larry says:
Here’s the simple summary–an authentic COLB was used as a template to create the so-called “birth certificate” that was first posted at Daily Kos and the official Barack Obama campaign site. Why doesn’t Barack come clean with his own, genuine Certificate of Live Birth? We do not know for sure but it appears that the name listed is that of BARRY SOETORO. Barry Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and, by virtue of that adoption, was registered as Barry Soetoro in Hawaii.

Barry aka Barrack has some “splaining” to do (to quote Ricky Ricardo).
You can find more details at Texas Darlin.

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Anonymous said...


I think the validity of the marriage, particularly since the "husband" wasn't a citizen, is almost irrelevant.

linearthinker said...

Thanks for the reminder from Gracie.

Also from the Airplane, "Don't you need somebody to love?" was playing on the radio when I packed my shaving kit to report for induction in July, 1966. It's seared, seared into my memory.

linearthinker said...

I'm probably wrong, but the Constitution doesn't seem to address legitimacy, so what's the fuss? If his mother was a US citizen, and he was born on US territory, i.e., Hawaii, he'd be ok, no? What am I missing?

We all know he's a clever politcal hack from Chicago with indelible ties to homegrown terrorists, black liberation theologists, is favored for election by Hamas and Hezbollah, and spins in the wind like a whirling dervish. Do we really need to flog him over whether he's a bastard, too?

Will Brown said...


Whatever Obama's parents citizenship might have been is irrelavant to the question at hand. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution is explicit as to the candidate's qualifying status: a "natural born citizen", at least 35 years of age and 14 years a resident of the US.

To be a natural born citizen as a matter of law, one must either have been born within the boundary's of the USA (to include it's territorys and possessions) or be the child of US citizens who's birth was registered by them at the time with the US government (thereby formally confirming US citizenship) by one of several mechanisms established to register such a birth.

If Obama can't produce a document that details one of these two basic catagories, he can't prove his eligability to attain the office. Additionally, if he has previously profferred a false document to election authorities, his elegibility for his currentM office is called into question as well.

Not to mention the less-than-minor matter of fraud.

There is (potentially) a very great deal riding on this question. I personally suspect someone is going to force this issue into the courts. The Constitution is silent as regards the minimum legal standard necessary to document an individual's qualification for office; I wonder what the courts have ruled on this question in the past? I've seen nothing about that written anywhere yet.

Will Brown said...

Jeez, I can't even spell elegability wrong the same way twice in the same paragraph!

It's late ... Sorry. :)

M. Simon said...


The most interesting question is:

What is Obama trying to hide? No one cares if he is a bastard (other than his politics).

What does the original tell us that he does not want us to know?

He could put and end to this controversy by authorizing a release of the document to a trusted third party. (KOS isn't it)

Why hasn't he?

Bill Clinton seems to know something. I'm sure he will let it out when it will do the most damage to Obama and the Democrat Party hacks who pushed his candidacy. He intends to take them all down is my guess.

BTW the sister was born in Indonesia so I've heard. How did she get a Hawaiian COLB?

linearthinker said...

To be a natural born citizen as a matter of law, one must either have been born within the boundary's of the USA (to include it's territorys and possessions) or be the child of US citizens who's birth was registered by them at the time with the US government (thereby formally confirming US citizenship) by one of several mechanisms established to register such a birth.--Will

Case Law:

United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898): A person born within the jurisdiction of the U.S. to non-citizens who "are not employed in any diplomatic or official capacity" is automatically a citizen.

Montana v. Kennedy, 366 U.S. 308 (1961): A person born in 1906, whose mother was a native-born citizen of the United States and whose father was a foreign citizen, who was born overseas and then moved to the United States, was not a citizen of the United States by birth. (Note that the relevant laws have changed considerably since 1906, so this decision does not necessarily apply to later cases.)


It seems the whole issue revolves on location of birth, not parents' status. My point, poorly expressed, goes to the issue of evidence, or even possibility that he was born anywhere except Hawaii.
Has anyone proposed an alternate location for his birth, and how credible is it?

I agree this needs to be sorted out by legal action.

I skipped over the later post on this to check this thread. Maybe some answers are there.