Friday, August 01, 2008

Not Playing With A Full Deck

Obama has been playing the race card a lot lately. The McCain camp is hitting back hard. Very hard

“The McCain campaign was compelled to respond to this outrageous attack because we will not allow John McCain to be smeared by Senator Obama as a racist for offering legitimate criticism,” he said. “We have waited for months with a sick feeling knowing this moment would come because we watched it incur with President Clinton. Say whatever you want about President Clinton, his record on this issue is above reproach.”

In the Democratic primary campaign, Mr. Obama’s supporters at several occasions accused the Clinton campaign of using racially charged tactics, particularly after Mr. Clinton equated Mr. Obama’s victory in the South Carolina primary with the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s victory in the nominating contest there in 1988. Mr. Clinton himself then complained in a radio interview in April that the Obama campaign had “played the race card on me.”
A not so subtle reminder for the PUMA crowd. Which is Democrat speak for Party Unity My Ass. In other words Hillary supporters.

And it appears that Obama is tanking in the polls. This is not going to help. I did a Bounce Check after Obama returned from his Ego Trip to Europe and found that Obama didn't get any bounce from that trip. Now his numbers are falling. My guess is that Team Obama is starting to run scared. Well playing the race card didn't help. That means he is at least one card short of a full deck.

My prediction? Obama is going to take a lot of Democrats down with him in November. Denver is going to be one ugly place for the Democrat Convention at the end of the month.

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