Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Students Achieve Fusion

Students at Penninsula College have achieved fusion. I am more than a little proud to say I had a little to do with it. At least in so far as getting them on the right track.

Penninsula College Fusioneers

From left to right: Devon, Ivan, Sarah, Chris, Aaron, and Derek.

The Reactor

The Reactor

Peninsula College Glows

It glows

Which just goes to show that fusion research need not take big labs and big budgets. There is a lot that can be done in small labs to advance the state of the art. So let me encourage the rest of you: Start A Fusion Program In Your Own Home Town. America needs your help. The world needs your help.

Let me add that the genesis of this report was a bit done by ClassicPenny at Talk Polywell

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Nick said...

Two questions from a non-scientist type:

1. Why does it glow like that?

2. Why purple?

M. Simon said...

You will have to be more specific about question #1. Which "like that" are you referring to?

The color of the glow depends on the gas in the chamber.

Nick said...

Sorry about that. I'm curious about the picture labeled "It Glows". Is that the outside of it glowing while it's turned on (for a lack of a better way of putting it). or is that something internal to the device?