Saturday, June 14, 2008

Make Your Very Own

I did a bit last night about a site with a bunch of Obama posters. It turns out you can make your very own. To prove it I made one of my own:

Not A Pin Head

To make one of your own just click on the picture. I had some trouble loading the site. It works. Just try again.

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Fat Man said...

Check out Obamas' "" page.

It allows you to send an e-mail from the page. It also allows you to edit the text of the e-mail.

You could go to the page and send an e-mail that is precisely the opposite of the one they want you to send.

Indded, if you were an accomplished web-hacker, which I am not, you could flood the internet with anti-Obama spam, NOT that I am suggesting you should do such a dastardly thing.

I would never do such a terrible thing. I am just saying somebody might.