Friday, May 09, 2008

Sun Spot Link Added

I have added a link to SpaceWeather.Com near the top of the sidebar so you can easily keep track of the current state of the sun re: Sun Spots, plus lots of other neat stuff.

There are no sun spots today. So the official start of cycle 24 is delayed yet again. The few small spots we have seen so far from cycle 24 do not amount to an official start of the cycle. Because that start is computed we will not actually know when it has started until about 6 months after its actual start. One indication though is that we should see some fairly large spots on a regular basis. So far we have seen a few spots (about every month or two) and they are small.

If the solar scientists are right about how the sun affects climate (by its actual output and by its magnetic field modulating clouds) we are in for some cooler weather not to mention a cooler climate.

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