Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Summer is due to global warming. Winter is due to natural variation.


LarryD said...

Irony: How cleaning up America dried up the Amazon
"We have all heard how a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon may cause storms in far off places. But it seems that environmental effects can go in the other direction too – reductions in air pollution in North America have led to severe droughts in the Amazon rainforest, according to a new study."

LarryD said...

Climate scientists call for their own 'Manhattan Project'
"In the wake of a thousand-year drought in Australia and last weekend's lethal cyclone in Burma, the world's climate modellers are drawing up plans for a global supercomputing centre that would provide detailed local forecasts of future climate change.

"Meeting at the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts in Reading, UK, the scientists liken the billion-dollar project to CERN, the international particle accelerator near Geneva, and to the Manhattan Project to build an atomic bomb. They hope to present their plan to the G8 meeting in Japan this summer.

"The modellers say they need a centre with computing power of 100 petaflops – two thousand times greater they have access to today."