Friday, May 16, 2008

Joke Of The Day 16 May 008

From Manufacturing Business Technology.

Successive EU enlargements, the Union's growing reputation as a global defence and security actor, and its continued strong economic performance have also become key reasons for India's increased interest in Europe.
Let me see. They couldn't handle the Yugoslavia problem in their own back yard. They depend on USA logistics to maintain troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. And unemployment in France and Germany has been in the 10% range for many years. Other than the value of the Euro what have they got?


Martin Ankerl said...

How about a reasonable health system, no braindead fight between evolution and religion, and no war-mongering president for a start?

M. Simon said...

Let me see?

Canadians who need immediate care cross the border to the USA to get it. When we have heat waves 5 to 50 people die. France lost 15,000. etc. I think we keep our system. It may be ugly to outsiders but it seems to work rather well. What is the downside? If you are poor and don't have enough $$$ you incur a lifetime of debt (which you hardly ever have to pay) and you live.

We do evolution vs religion for sport.

We love our warmongers. By stationing troops all around the world we are keeping the peace.

In Iraq - Saddam was killing more per day than the US ever did even counting jihadis. Even counting all the Iraqis the jihadis killed.

Now Angelina Jolie says we need to stay to keep the peace.

And what about that Yugoslavia thing? If you guys were a little more war mongering a 1/2 million might be alive today. I know, I know, what are a 1/2 million vs your illusions of being a peaceful people. They died so you guys didn't have to do any war mongering. Good for you. I take it you count Neville Chamberlain as one of your own. Good on ya mate.

Snake Oil Baron said...

"a reasonable health system"

As a Canadian I can tell you that there is a world of difference between "free" and "reasonable".

There are plenty of creationists in Canada but since parents have such little input into the school system it is not an issue while socialist theory and leftist propaganda are permanent fixtures. Frankly the socialism does far more damage to our society than the creationism does to theirs.

I would prefer a "war-mongering" head of state to a government which undermines liberty for selfish policy goals and supports tyranny through indifference.

Martin Ankerl said...

How has the iraq war increased security? Iraq is now a breeding ground for terrorists, which it was not before.

I don't know anything about the Canadian health system, but I can't complain here in Europe. I will get a hip prosthesis shortly and costs me nothing.

The iraq war costs $177 million per *day*. With this money you can easily solve all hunger crisis in the world which kill more than 35000 people each and every day.
But I agree that the EU also needs to do far more to fix this problem.

M. Simon said...

The Iraq war is breeding dead terrorists. Any one so inclined has joined the jihad and is now on the run or a martyr. Breeding martyrs is a good thing. Better yet the Iraqis are so sick of the jihadis that they are killing them without US help. The inclination to martyrdom is down sharply. All to the good. Iraq is the roach motel for jihadis they enter but they do not leave.

I ♥ dead jihadis.

Iraq. The bug zapper for jihadis.

Well get a move on and show us how it is done. We are waiting for your good example. And what about Yugoslavia? Or how about Bono's praise for Bush's efforts in Africa? Where is Europe? Kvetching from the sidelines? How noble how peaceful. How superior.

Saddam was a fascist of Nazi origins (check out the roots of the Baath Party). And why is America so good at taking out Nazi Fascists? We have had practice. You're welcome.

M. Simon said...

For 100 years America has been sliding into fascism. Yet the gulags and gas chambers always seem to be happening some where else. Is this a trend or just happenstance?

Tom Wolfe said: “The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe."

You guys seem to be experts on aiding the rise and appeasement of fascists. America is superior at taking them down. A proper division of labor I think. You can feel all superior and we can do the dirty work. All to the good I'd say. You guys keep up the good work. The dictators of the world need your help. You supply the support. We will supply the bombs. Fair enough?

M. Simon said...

Lucky you were not caught up in the French heat wave, eh? You might be in a grave instead of writing me love letters.