Thursday, May 01, 2008

How To Beat Anti-Evolutionists In 15 Seconds

Eric has a bit up on how the anti-Evolutionists can beat the arguments for evolution in 5 minutes or less.

Here is how to beat their argument in less than 15 seconds. It's the Internet Age - why waste time?

My god is more powerful than yours. He set the Universe in motion billions of years ago and without further intervention here we are. Your god set the Universe in motion a short time ago and has to go around always trying to fix his screw ups. Second rate for an omnipotent omniscient being.

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Snake Oil Baron said...

It depends on what one's definition of "beat the argument". Creationists, Intelligent Designers and anti-evolutionist will likely not be convinced by anything. It is a good come back to the "My God is big enough to create the world in 7 days" crap but but then so is vomiting and walking away.

It seems that if someone of whatever level of intelligence, education or perspective decides that evolution is incompatible with their world view, there is no amount of evidence or argument that will ever make a difference.

Snake Oil Baron said...

Frankly, I have more faith in the ability of Muslims to free themselves from submission than in a near-term acceptance of evolution by the vast majority of the world.

M. Simon said...


Absolutely to both comments.

I still like the argument because it makes the Creationists and others slack jawed.

They never have a good comeback. It destroys their world view. A more powerful god than mine? Whaaaa?

Snake Oil Baron said...

I have actually heard someone use the "My God is big enough to create the world in 7 days" statement. It was from a family friend at a family gathering so I let it go but I would have liked to know why his God was not big enough to create the world in one day. You would have thought that an omnipotent being who is able to create as much time and resources for preparation would need to have such an extended project schedule. Cost over runs maybe?

But then there are lots of people who don't mind letting go of the Genesis story as long as the idea of God specifically molding every aspect of the world with no understandable or natural processes involved is preserved.

Maybe after a few hundred years of people will adopt world views which can accommodate modern science. Truth might not be as strong as untruth but it is definitely longer lived.

M. Simon said...

Cost over runs maybe?