Saturday, March 03, 2007

Policing Morality

In a discussion at The Captain's Quarters the policing of morality came up. Naturally I had to chime in.

We have whole departments of government dedicated to policing morality.

Ever hear of the DEA? The Federal Government spends at minimum $20 bn a year policing people's drug habits. Is it working? The price of heroin on a cost/purity basis has declined by a factor of 600 in the last 40 years. A packet of 2 - 5% pure heroin used to cost on the order of $40. Now you get 80 to 95% pure heroin for around $4. A real success story for the morality police.

Pot - one of the least dangerous drugs known to man, including alcohol, tobacco, and aspirin - has seen a significant price rise over the same time period. Another roaring success.

Less dangerous drugs - more expensive. More dangerous drugs - less expensive. Another roaring success.

Did I mention financing criminals and terrorists?

Why don't we stop this madness? I blame drugs - the mere mention of which makes people stupid.

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