Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Clouds

I was over at the Elephant Bar and was reading a bit on climate and Mars and wobbles and found this comment

2164th said...

For some time I have been notcing the increase in sloar flare activity. Solar flare activity is expected to build for the next three years maxing out in 2010. They have a significant effect on telecommunications and can even affect electrical transmission.

Solar flares carry huge amount of energy. They also affect the northern atmosphers and it show up in the activity of the " Northern Lights."

It would not surprise me if there were other atmospheric links that could affect winds and water circulation patterns and affect warming and cooling trends. The planet is in equilibriun, not because it is unchanging, but because it does change and then re-adjusts to a state of equilibrium.
Sun Mar 04, 10:54:00 AM EST
If that is true we should see a world wide decrease of cloud cover as solar output increases. Followed by a decline.

The next four to five years could be a good test of the theory. Keep an eye on solar magnetism, cosmic ray flux, and cloud cover. We ought to get some pretty good data points.


Doug said...

Limbaugh had a guy on who had been an atmospheric scientist for NASA for 20 some years.
Said C02 is a minor greenhouse gas, by far the largest being Water Vapor, and that the long term effect of the hydrologic cycle was to moderate changes.
...yet changes do occur, always have always will:
The Sun is such an immense source of energy that minor variations for it represent significant changes for the planets.

Reports are that Mars is also warming, Ms T, our resident lesbian Wit at the Bar suggests this is because of the wanton plundering of the Martian Environment by our rovers!

My favorite approach is that in the book:
"Unstopable Global Warming"

They simply report on the plentiful written historical records showing that radical warming and cooling repeatedly occured long before the massive burning of fossil fuels.

Examples like the farming in large areas of Greenland.
(The residents there were almost a foot taller in times of plenty then they were at the end of the last cooling cycle.)

French laws restricting the importation of British Wines.
(the more things change...)
Wines from grapes grown on British soil where such cultivation now would be impossible.
Ample evidence to refute Gore's Convenient Lies.

Doug said...

Just read the link you posted at the Elephant.
Again it turns out I posted a superfluous comment.
Ah, well...

Doug said...

The saddest comments are like one posted in your "Clouds" thread:

Male adults behaving like hysterical women:
"Do something!
You have to DO SOMETHING!
Even if it can be easily shown that if it were to acheive it's intended effect, the effect would be negligible, and at immense cause.
...but, of course, as you point out, no one really knows for certain what the ultimate effect would be.

Doug said...

"immense cause."

Doug said...

"CO2 was chosen as the target of the doomsters for other reasons... I wonder what they are?"
USA has been the No.1 producer of CO2.
...within 2 years, it will be China, but China and India are exempt, via Kyoto, so they don't count.
Case Closed.

Anonymous said...

This post at Polipundit notes two items that indicate global warming is in trouble.

One, Dr. Claude Allegre, “one of France’s leading socialists and among her most celebrated scientists, the first to sound the alarm about the dangers of global warming” has a change of heart. And is saying so publicly.

Two, a documentary is going to be showing (in Britian) that out and out calls human caused global warming theories lies.

J.R. Dunn, at American Thinker has an essay about the Green propaganda campaign's failure. In addition to the bad science, the weather didn't cooperate. And Al Gore's reprise of "Elmer Gantry" sure didn't help either.