Thursday, October 19, 2006

Push Poll

Random thoughts on politics and the coming elections.

I just got a push poll tonight re: Don Manzulo from his Dem opponent whose name I still can’t remember.

I told the sucker I was voting straight R this time although I had voted Bush/Obama in ‘04.

This idiot at first thought Obama was a Republican because I had mentioned Bush’s name. Despite the fact that I said I split my ticket in ‘04. Keyes polled 15 points below Bush. I helped make that happen.


I’m an anti-prohibtionist kind of guy.

Every time I try to reach out to the left on that issue I get my hand smacked.

I’m voting straight Republican. Right down the ticket.

Where I’m coming from: I have researched the issue and believe drug use is a symptom of pain.

Just as insulin use is a symptom of some forms of diabetes.

Is Addiction Real?

The NIDA says that drug use is in part genetic and part environmental. Now I don’t favor genetic persecution any more than I favor enriching terrorists and criminals.

Say. Do they still teach alcohol prohibition in schools?

Despite all that I’m still voting straight Republican.

As I said. There are real issues the Dems could use to beat the Republicans. They won’t use any of them.

The drug issue is such a no brainer for the Dems if they would just look at the current government research on the matter (NIDA).

It is a genetic disease triggered by trauma.

We are persecuting the traumatized. It fits the Democrat narratitive about the Republicans just about perfectly. With a bunch of racisism (selective prosecution of minorities) thrown in.

And yet I can’t get the Ds interested because I think that we have an Islamofascist problem in this world. As soon as they hear that they ignore one of the most powerful issues they have had for decades.

God help the Republicans if the Dems ever wake up on this issue before the Rs change their minds. It will be 1932 all over again.

The Republicans are not so hot but the Dems are brain dead. Ds don’t understand economics. They don’t get the war. And on top of that they don’t care about real civil liberties. Instead they prattle on about the Patriot act. Interrogations. Intecepting calls that cross our borders. etc. Idiots.

At least the Rs get two out of three of my main issues.

BTW the drug war stuff is for any Dem who is smart enough to pick it up. Although my guess is that the dope dealers pump a lot of $$$ into the Dems to keep dope illegal.

Just look at the El Rukan and Blackstone Ranger scandals from many years back in Chicago. Then imagine that going on all around the country.

I wonder if the District Attorney offices around the country are checking on the political donations of the various gangs.


Do Republicans support drug prohibition because it finances criminals or because it finances terrorists?

Republican Socialism. Price supports for criminals and terrorists.


Now there is a real issue. Naturally the Democrats won’t touch it.

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linearthinker said...

Do Republicans support drug prohibition because it finances criminals or because it finances terrorists?

I suspect it's a default answer that doesn't require a lot of thought on their part. A go along to get along thing. And they can go to church on Sundays and stand among the righteous. You give them too much credit to think they can analyze this.