Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is Europe Burning?

Paris is burning More Paris is burning.

Denmark is burning.

Yourish has links to burnings in the Netherlands, England, Denmark, and threats in Australia.

So far France has been at it for seven days with no end in sight. The cabinent ministers are not united on a course of action. The Minister of Peace and Harmony was especially adamant that understanding and tolerance was the only way forward.

As some one has pointed out, what is needed is "a wiff of grape". What will be offered instead is a glass of vin ordinaire.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 03 05

M. Simon:
Are we in a worldwide holy war? All this stuff is scaring me! For more insight, check out
He has some good analysis on these prickly topics!

Frank said...

Just FYI, NL is not burning. At least not in the physical sense how Paris is burning. There's been no incidents here so far like that, Meryl Yourish linked to a piece about threats instead - threats do happen here. The piece Yourish links to is kind of overblown though, as there's certainly a lot of debate about (militant) islam here, and quite some political incorrectness (just a few days ago Ayaan Hirsi Ali compared all the Arab leaders to fascists on TV), and the media that are supposedly not broadcasting it often pay attention to it and give space to anti-islam pundits, even on public broadcasting. So there are surely limits to the self-censorship, even if it is worrying that it exists at all.