Friday, July 29, 2005

What Iraq Needs Next

Donald Sensing has a fine piece [pdf] on the origins of the current war. His take is that what the Islamic Nazis fear most is democracy. Which is why what is happening in Iraq is such a threat.

However I see a strategy in the Islamic Nazi movement to subvert democracy by making the Iraqi government subservient to Islamic Law as the Islamic Nazis concieve it. I think this is a very bad sign. Very bad.

Since the American government has seemingly taken a pretty hands off approach to the drafting of the Iraqi Constitution I think we are seeing a very wrong turn in American policy.

What can be done.

I see two approaches. One is simple although I'm not sure it can be implimented. That approach would allow a vote on each individual section of the Iraqi Constitutioin. Thus the people themselves (say ratification was contingent on a 60% vote) could strike out clauses they dislike.

The second possibility is a competing democracy in the neighborhood. I propose Iran as the best candidate. They are well acquainted with living under Islamic Naziism. They don't like it. Thus Iraqi tendencies towards Islamic Nazism would be checked by competition in the neighborhood. As Michael Ledeen says - much faster please.


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