Sunday, February 06, 2005

A sure sign of desperation

So i'm over at DU again - I know It is beyond sickness. It is an addiction. Such a target rich environment.

Well any way. I come across this piece:


We have to do something or we are done for a long time.

That is the way I feel. At every turn they kill us. I know you say don`t listen to Hannity Limbaugh and the others but I believe they are killing us. We can`t get anything out to the media without them piling on one after the other. They not only use the radio but Hannity is going out around the country to help sell the S.S. program. My be we should find out who is paying for this shit. I know you think that he is only preaching to the choir, but I think people who want information will listen to someone who has it. Unfortunately, it`s the republicans.

AirAmerica is OK but we need some overwhelming force to go up against these assholes. They lie and use partial quotes in their sound bites to destroy us and no is fighting back. We have no message to get out. No alternative plans. Only obstruction which is OK but we need an answer also.

We know their goal is to have this country a one party power and they will do it if we keep fucking around. We as a party better get our shit together or we are done. Quit the pissing and moaning and get organized. Until there are some solid responses with plans in them they will beat our asses like a step child. Hannity and the rest of them will continue to laugh at use until we find someone who can get a voice out in allot of radio stations and say Hannity, your a fucking lier, and here is proof. That is my rant. Thank you.

A sure sign of desperation

I think Bush has read DeSoto and they have not. Bush is appealing to human's natural desire for property. They do not understand that he is appealing to a much deeper level than the Democrats can deal with. Their first problem is that a large part of the left doesn't believe in private property.

Every one wants to get back something from their "investment" in government. In effect he has designed a bigger give away, with the long term effect of increasing wealth. Which will over time allow the government tax and spend program to be phased out.

This man is a bigger political genius than FDR.

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