Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Woman's Point Of View

This is a joke I have heard before. In the version I heard the encounter took place in a synagogue.


A wealthy, older couple strolled in Central Park. They happened upon a beautiful, fashionabl­y dressed young woman walking her dog. The husband smiled and went over to the woman, chatted for a few minutes and kissed her on the cheek before returning to the wife. "Who is that woman"? asked the wife. "My mistress, if you must know" came the reply. The wife became furious and threatened divorce. The husband reminded his wife of their pre-nup and that she would lose everything and be penniless if she divorced him; no bottomless expense account, no fabulous vacations, jewels or parties. They continued along, the wife silently fuming, until they saw one of the husband's business partners, also walking with a young, attractive­, well-dress­ed woman. "Who's he with? That's not his wife"? asked the missus. "That's HIS mistress", he replied. His wife responded, "Ours is prettier."


Psychology Today readers evaluate the joke. More amusement.

I especially liked this comment:

Moral to story: If your husband has a young, beautiful mistress, you chose your mate well.
A couple of hotties (mother and daughter in fact) were coming on to me the other day when I was at a bar (#3 son was the drummer in the band). Does that count? BTW nothing happened. I gave them both a hug (at the same time) and said goodby. Naturally the first mate (like the woman in the story) was only slightly amused. I did point out that if a 20+ and a 40+ were chasing me at my age (almost 67) she must have chosen well. She allowed as to how this might be so.

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