Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Instability Is Becoming Unstable

Instability in the Middle East is nothing new. It is a feature of the region. So where is it going? The always/sometimes/never reliable Debka Files reports/propagandizes/misinforms on the situation in Turkey.

Both Tehran and Ankara have no doubt that the intelligence data released to them by the US military in the course of the counterinsurgency campaign is partial and limited. The complete picture remains exclusively in American hands. , Turkey sought the deployment of US Predators on its soil to fill the gap. That request was spurned until Prime Minister Erdogan backs away from his aggressive stance against Israel.

For those reasons, Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin announced Tuesday that his country would launch a cross-border ground offensive against the PKK in northern Iraq at any time.

Our military sources report that Ankara is pondering the same sort of campaign as Israel launched in Gaza against Hamas terrorism in Dec. 2008. It aims to demonstrate Turkey's ability to defeat the Kurdish rebels without US or Israeli drones.

Israel was wrongly accused of threatening to play the Kurdish card against the Erdogan government in reprisal for those threats. The fact is that Turkey is playing the Kurdish card against itself.
Well political/military/economic stupidity is never in short supply in the Middle East. I expect we will see a flowering of same in short order. Followed by a flowering of the graves of the fallen. A kind of devilish symmetry.

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