Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The 60s Actually Did Work Until Crony Religionism Killed It

Walter Russel Mead has a post up about The War Against The Young: Warning From Italy and Japan. I left a comment in reply to something we see all too often posted on the 'net.

We know the 1960s didn’t work.

The 60s worked for me. Four kids.

1. Artist
2. Russian Language graduate
3. EE 4th year
4. Chem E. 3rd year

There was a religious revival going on in the 60s that was nipped in the bud by Christian Moralists who didn’t want to see their religion in decline.

Ah. Well. If we can get the moralists off our backs we might actually get back to a place of great faith. Which would be good for all religions.

It would be much better if everyone was talking to the Head Office vice having to listen to ministers preach.

And why did I have 4 children? Well the Head Office told me to. There are many different routes to open your heart to the Maker. People truly interested in religion would not shut off any of them. There is in fact not one way. Only one Maker.

That “No one comes to the Maker except by me” shit has got to go. Because it is a lie. And a religion based on a lie will not prosper.

The 60s in fact was an attempt to corner the market on religion by passing laws (sounds like crony capitalism doesn’t it). It will not last. Or prosper long term. And the end of the long term is at hand. Forty years later.

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