Monday, September 26, 2011

The TEA Party Shows Its True Colors

I was on a TEA Party blog and got this in reply to one of my comments:

Go vote for Ron Paul - he's more your style. We don't want immoral people on our side.
From what I can tell the Democrats have no such compunctions.

So I replied:
Fair enough. 80% of the American people favor med-pot. 76% say drug prohibition is not working. 57% of men favor legalization (the Rs are the man's party). There are not enough "moral" people to win an election. Four more years of Obama and the Ds. Fine by me. Enjoy.
As Casey Stengel once said,"Can't anybody here play this game?".

Note: The original discussion was about Gary Johnson and abortion. Gary says the government should stay out. So does Rockford Pro Life, which I support.

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