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Eric in The high cost of illegal American appetites, left several links to an organization called LEAP. There is another anti-prohibition police organization called COPs that deserves your support.

Retired Detective Howard Wooldrige of COPs was going around Capitol Hill last week with the following message:

I visited all 435 House offices this week. Taking up all day Tuesday and Thursday, I announced myself thusly: “Hi. I represent the Mexican Drug Cartel Association (said slowly and a bit louder, when others were in the reception area of an office). Has your office taken a position on 2306, the repeal of marijuana prohibition? (9 of 10 times the response was I don’t know) I continued, “Here is a fact sheet (far bottom) to give to your judiciary LA {legislative assistant}. We hope your office will stand with us, the Cartels, in opposing the legalization of marijuana. Pot is much, much too dangerous to legalize.” A solid 250 visitors and fellow lobbyists heard my pitch, half the time their chats stopped, when they heard “I represent the MX Drug Cartels.”

Two staffers asked if I were serious. I responded, ‘my clients have killed 40,000 people in Mexico and legalization would hurt their business. They and I are serious.’ Both visibly recoiled and fell silent. NOTE: I did not take pleasure in making them uncomfortable. But I wanted staffers to accept me being a lobbyist for the cartels.
He is having some fun.

Here is the leaflet:
The Mexican Drug Cartel Association

urges you to vote NO on HR 2306 – Do NOT repeal Marijuana Prohibition

Why? - Marijuana Prohibition generates high-paying and exciting jobs for 900,000 American teens who would otherwise be unemployed.

Why? – MJ Prohibition provides jobs for 10,000 well-paid state prison guards and even more local jail personnel.

Why? – MJ Prohibition generates employment for tens of thousands of Mexicans who might otherwise come to the USA for looking for job.

Why? – We, the Cartels, earn 10 billion from marijuana sales, helping the Mexican economy.

For more information contact the representative for the Cartel Association: Howard J. Wooldridge @ 817-975-1110
Do what you can to support Howard. Pass out links if you comment. Put the link in a blog post if you blog. And it would be really good to send COPs some money if you can.

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