Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Christian Sharia

I was reading and commenting over at Belmont Club and came across a very interesting comment.

30: Sodomites took their case to the federal level because they had no chance of winning at the local level. Sodomites have never won a vote on the legality of their amoral, deviant, anti-social desires. NEVER will. Normal people understand that it is a sick, twisted practice that for the last few thousand years has been illegal (proscribed). The current relaxing of social mores is temporary.
Homosexuals are normal people. Ideology and party affiliation, in a perfect world, would have no correlation with sexual orientation. In the real world, misguided Christians who believe there should be a perfect correlation between sin and the transgression of human law (which is no different from Sharia) drive people like Rachel Maddow right into the arms of the Left, because they feel they have no choice.
I do believe Drug Prohibition is going to smack the Right in this election. Another problem for the "our moral code should be THE legal code" folks.

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