Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Blame

Everyone is looking for some one to blame these days. Presidents are very useful in this regard. Some blame Bush II, Some blame Obama I. I blame Nixon. I blame him for ramping up the Drug War that has cost the Federal Government at minimum $1 trillion so far. With no end in sight. If you figure the total direct cost at $70 billion a year for 30 of the past 40 years (a good rough estimate I think - which sorta inflation adjusts the numbers) the total cost is around $2 trillion, Federal, State, and local. If you include insurance losses due to thefts to support a hard drug habit at a conservative $50 billion a year, that is another $1.5 trillion. And what about the cost of the Drug War in the source countries? Hard to quantify. But in lives alone it is at least 40,000 a year. Even twenty years of that is a staggering 800,000 lives. To keep plants and plant extracts out of the hands of those who want them. And that is just the source countries. Add in a minimum of 5,000 a year in the US for 20 years and that is another 100,000. And that does not even count my brother who was killed in a Drug War crossfire in 1974.

End the sonofabitch. Before some one else loses a brother.

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