Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drug War Story

I was discussing the Drug War with a friend of mine. We got to talking about Drug War racism. He said that a friend of a friend was in the anti-narcotics bureau in Chicago. He says they discussed the subject in depth. The deal is he said, "Blacks have no protection." If they started arresting according to drug crime rates whites would complain to their government critters and the gravy train would be over. He (as related by my friend) also talked about how the Drug War was a huge cash cow for the police.

My prediction? This will not last.

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REDFORD said...

M SIMON WROTE: My prediction? This will not last.

You are correct, but do not forget the still on-going battle to give minorities equal rights.

Many government entities depend on drug prohibition for their existence. Beating them down will not be a simple matter. It will require some real hard ball propaganda from the repeal side to shut this cash cow down.

HA HA HA said...

Won't last, huh?

The FOP is a vote bank. Every other government entity gaining money and power from the drug war is a vote bank.

M. Simon said...

Yes the FOP is a problem.

But there are some counter forces:

Latino Police Officers' Group Backs California Marijuana Legalization Effort

Latino Voters League, National Black Police Officers Latest Groups To Endorse California Marijuana Legalization Measure