Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Union Money

Classical Values commenter Frank was discussing the upcoming election at Instability Is Becoming Unstable. Here is what he had to say (corrected by his correction).

The signs for future domestic turmoil in this country are becoming apparent. And they are being surreptitiously directed. From the union takeover of the Wisconsin state house, to the bused in union thugs at the Port of Longview, to Hoffa's speech with Obama on stage in Michigan, to the Black Congressional Caucus demonizing the Tea Party, it all fits a pattern.

The pattern is one of the community organizer who agitates by rubbing resentments and fanning hostilities, and then redirects anger at the victims.

This subject is already the talk at cocktail parties in Georgetown. Should Obama be voted out of office, they are setting up a situation for civil unrest. From one of the insiders, the former editor of The New Republic, comes the following:

"If they defeat him, [Obama] I fear we will no longer be participating in a civil conversation, however fraught, but in a civil war.”
For those of you with a weak stomach the last link (my addition to the comment) is to Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan just hates Christian Conservatives.

But that is not what I wish to look at. I want to look at where the Unions are getting the money for their current campaign.
Some of the nation’s largest labor unions are cutting back dramatically on their financial support to the Democratic Party, saying they are highly frustrated with the failure of Democrats to put up stronger resistance to Republican proposals opposed by labor.

The unions have cited what they see as Democrats’ tepid response to Republican efforts to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public sector workers, cut Medicare funding and require voters to show identification at the polls.
There is a chart at the link.

So that is where they are they are getting the money. Now the lower rate of union donations does two things. It gives them a war chest for current actions and increases the chances of Democrat losses. And you know, it feels to me like pre-civil war conditions. Unions are upset about changing labor (read pro union) laws. Blacks are upset at a Drug Prohibition regime that targets them. And Democrats in general are screaming bloody murder about their prospects in the next election. A very toxic brew.

I remember the Detroit riots of 1967 when Light My Fire was the theme song. The country is starting to get that feeling.

Update: Frank reminds me of an old post of mine The Old Order Is Breaking Down

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Neil said...

Is it so bad already? I've been crossing back and forth at my whim across the lines in this war (geographically and demographically, at least) for the last 10 years. I see the will for an actual fight among maybe 3% of on each side (which is enough), but no real logistical capability on either side.

The summer of 2012 may bring on some real riots, but no more than that unless I'm missing something. I truly hope that blacks don't take up the Obama banner. They have an out--after all, he's only half black, and none of his ancestors were slaves. Black prosperity hangs by a thread anyway, they don't need this fight....

M. Simon said...


The riots will start post Nov 2012 election.

Fortunately winter will be setting in dampening the numbers.

Is any of this a sure thing? Nothing in the future is a sure thing. What are the probabilities?

I'd put them today at under 50%. Maybe as low as 5%. It is hard to say today. We will have a better idea 12 months from now.

BTW none of this is rational. Half-black? It may be enough.