Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sen. Lieberman prays with Sarah Palin

The Book Of Esther

From Chapter 4:
11 "The servants of the king and the people of the provinces all know that any man or woman who comes to the king in the inner court without being summoned is sentenced to death by the law, unless the king extends his royal scepter to him, granting him life. And the king has not called for me for thirty days now."

12 They told Mordechai Esther's message.

13 Mordechai sent back word to Esther: "Don't imagine that you alone among the Jews will escape to the king's palace, and that this will save your life.

14 "Even if you are silent now, the Jews will get relief and rescue some other way, and you and your father's house will be lost. And who knows? Maybe it was for just such an occasion that you were made queen!"

15 Esther sent back word to Mordechai:

16 "Go and gather all the Jews in Shushan, fast for me: do not eat or drink for three days and nights. My girls and I will also fast. Then I'll go to the king -- against the law -- and if I am killed, I will be the only one killed."

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