Sunday, July 19, 2009

They Are Getting Nervous

The Obama Administration says that their health care plans are a work in progress.

Administration officials defended President Barack Obama's broad health care proposals on Sunday and urged a skeptical public not to judge the Democrats' overhaul until Congress writes a final version.

Facing independent budget predictions that contradict the White House's rhetoric, officials sought to refute Republican objections to massive changes in how Americans receive health care. They emphasized that Congress has not yet settled on an outline for health care legislation and reiterated Obama's desire for a bipartisan approach.

"This is a work in progress," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said, trying to calm nervous lawmakers whose re-elections could hinge on the legislation. "More will be done. The House and the Senate are committed to working with the president to get this done."
A work in progress? Perhaps they could explain this .gov url that has something called "Bill Text". Unless they intend to do their usual and parachute in an extra 700 pages of the bill to Congress in the dead of night.

And how about the cost of all this?
Paying for the health care plan remains the major challenge, underscored by a nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office report that emerging House legislation would increase deficits by $239 billion over a decade.

"I don't follow why we've got to spend another $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion, most people estimate, on top of the $2.5 trillion we're already spending in this country and yet still have, under one estimate, at least 33 million people without health insurance," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. "I mean, these are things that are real serious problems."

Democrats insisted the budget analysis ignores savings and Obama's pledge not to add red ink to the federal ledger.
The Democrats have failed to mention what the expiration date for this Obama promise is. That Obama is one greased weasel when it comes to promises.

I can tell you right now that they are FORCING me to join Medicare in a few months and I'm not happy about it. Not one bit. Will this new "revised" plan be any different? I doubt it. It is not the Democrats way. There is only one way to put a stop to this crap.

Throw The Bums Out

As soon as possible. And the Won? Three Years 6 months 0 weeks and 0 days to go.

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