Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shootings In Houston

Here is a link that will help you decipher the hand signs.

So why rap music (which I generally hate) and hand signs? Well I have a story about a political rally. And the "singer" in the video performed at the rally.
Multiple shootings were reported at a Wednesday night concert on the Texas Southern University campus where a spokeswoman said at least three people were wounded.

TSU spokeswoman Eva Pickens tells the Houston Chronicle at least three people were shot at the event hosted by Houston City Council member Peter Brown, who is running for mayor. Pickens says it's unclear if any students were injured and there was no immediate word on conditions.

Lucinda Gwinn, who manages Brown's mayoral campaign, said the concert by rapper Trae the Truth was organized by TSU, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Brown and other council members and officials to promote voter registration.

Houston police told KTRK-TV four people were shot at three locations within a block, one on campus and two off campus.
What exactly did these pols expect when they scheduled the musical "entertainment"? Peace, love, and good vibes?

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