Friday, July 17, 2009

Racism In A Boxer

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simentt said...

The problem I have with racism is that we've all been tuned too finely to reliably detect it. Was ms Boxer here racist when she essentially was drawing in a same-minority group to counter mr Alfords minority-group, or did she just find other minority groups to support her claim of 'diverse support'? As a Norwegian, I found mr Alford repeated assertions to be a veteran a bit tasteless. I know this is seen differently in the US, but to me it looks like a play for privilege as a minority. Likewise, it was he who brought up that the NAACP-report was entered to counter his report as the black chamber of commerce.

To me, this all smells a little.

Of course, to me, the need to back up a case with several minority viewpoints, just to counter other minority viewpoints is very weird.

Somewhat related, Swedish blogger Dick Erixon, posted this If I would've said that, they would've had my head (a link to the C-SPAN coverage on the Sotomayor -hearings), where Carolina-senator Graham grills Sotomayor on her 'Wise Latino Woman'-statement (starts at around 15:00-ish into the video).