Thursday, July 09, 2009

America's First Non-American President

Barry Rubin tells on Facebook

Why Obama Doesn't Understand Putin; Why Putin Doesn't Like Obama
Mr Rubin then says at this link:
If one looks deeper into Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s annoyance at U.S. President Barack Obama it reveals a lot more than just the differences between the leadership in Moscow and Washington.

Putin is a traditional leader, which means he believes in making his country strong, never apologizing, using power in international relations, and having ambitions to gain influence in other countries. Indeed, he’s also somewhat aggressive seeking to restore the glory of Russia past.
Mr. Rubin goes on to say:
One of those "old" and "outdated" ideas of international relations is to reward your friends and punish your enemies. Obama has reversed that concept in his policy.
To which I replied:
Barry says:

"One of those "old" and "outdated" ideas of international relations is to reward your friends and punish your enemies."

And yet Obama understands that very well when it comes to American politics. So the question is: why does he think things work differently in international relations? Unless he is committed to reducing American power.
Barry R. then came back with:
Barry Rubin on Facebook said he agrees with me but he is being jerk and asking me to remove his words posted at Facebook. So they are gone.
Thank you Barry Rubin. And thank you for being what you are.

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Anonymous said...

Is "Non-American President" something akin to a "Non-Degreed Engineer"?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Technically neither George Washington nor John Adams, Presidents 1 & 2, met the citizenship requirement. Washington was from Virginia, which was not one of the States that ratified the Constitution, and Adams had spent 10 years overseas and had not been a resident for fourteen years as required.

M. Simon said...

If Adams was an Ambassador he would have been living on American soil even in a foreign country.

I'm not familiar enough with the history to give an answer.

As to Washington - I don't know how that one was dodged.