Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Plan To Destroy 4 Million Jobs

I like some of the ideas presented. Like a national market for insurance. I'm not sure of all the ideas presented but at least they are ideas vs. the government swallows everything.

In other related news the President has delayed releasing the latest economic report until after the health care vote. My assumption is that the numbers are bad or more likely worse.
The Obama administration announced Monday that its Mid-Session Budget Review would not be released this month, as previously scheduled, but rather would be pushed to August.

The Obama administration’s projections of economic growth, the deficit and the unemployment rate in preliminary budget estimates in February and May have since been proven overly optimistic. As the president pushes for the House and Senate to pass health care reform legislation before adjourning for the August recess, it could complicate matters to have an official White House acknowledgment that the economy is far worse that it had predicted – especially as moderate Democrats in the House and Senate balk at the cost of the proposals.
In any case I have written my Representative, Don Manzullo, suggesting he reject Cap and Trade and the Democrat Health Care Bill. So far he has rejected Cap and Trade and has written me a long letter (not personal I'm sure but very informative) on Cap and Trade.

Perhaps it is time to contact your Senators and Congressman to encourage them to Stop The Madness.

House of Representatives

The Senate

It couldn't hurt and might help.

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