Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Henry Gates - A Study In Anger

Evidently Henry Gates is a Professor at Harvard. His discipline is called Angry Studies. It confers a degree in Anger. The initial degree is BS Anger. The next is Master of Anger. The ultimate is Doctor of Anger. A Doctor of Anger gets to write peer reviewed papers explaining why their anger is special.

Dave Hucker tells me: "I pursued the Anger degree at my local community college. I flunked the Self Righteous Anger semester. Just couldn't justify it."

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Foobarista said...

I actually took a couple "Studies" classes at Cal. One was surprisingly hard until I figured out that the trick is to be a bit creative and be as weird-left as I could possibly imagine. I got A's on all my papers after that.

The Asian American Studies class I took was far better, particularly since there were numerous hot women taking the course. And the prof wasn't quite as weird-left; he was not exactly a Republican, but being a Vietnamese refugee from the 1979 exodus, he didn't have any love for Communists or their fellow-travelers on campus.