Monday, July 20, 2009

It's The Regulations Stupid

Commenter ThomasD at Classical Values had this to say about the Advance Care Planning post.

I work in long term care, and have worked in hospice care (much of which is currently covered under Medicare.)

I also absolutely loathe Obamacare and it's backdoor attempt to create a single payer government controlled system of health care rationing.

That said, what you cited is typical government speak, similar mandates already exist within the nursing home and hospice regulatory schema. But the opacity of the verbiage certainly doesn't help to dispel a layman's concerns.

The real problem is that this is just the legislation and it wouldn't even matter if it sounded nice and benign. After enactment what follows is that some executive governmental body then takes that law and turns it into regulation - and that is where things go horribly awry.
Once government gets a power the citizens get screwed. We are in a headlong rush to Liberal Fascism.

Can it be stopped short of Civil War? Maybe.

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