Sunday, July 26, 2009

Persians Don't Like Carter

Persians Hate Carter
You can find more photos of the demonstrations in Vancouver, Canada at Atlas Shrugs.
8:05 Pm: Vancouver has the largest Persian community in Canada. They are diverse: Muslims, some women even had scarves, Christians, Bahais and Atheists. Much thanks to Armaros for the pics, "I just got back from the demo. Took 10 shots, there were between 500-700 people, really hot sun, lots of music, dance and a generally festive mood showing the contrast between the good and the evil who when demonstration only display morbid pictures and hateful slogans."
Pam Geller (Atlas) is doing a great job of covering events in Iran. Keep her in mind for the latest events in that area of the world.

I'm wondering though, should our President be known as OCarter or Carbama?

Carbama has a nice ring. And fits with his allies.

H/T R. Dave at Talk Polywell

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