Saturday, November 08, 2008

What They Didn't Like

I was looking at a site called "Republicans For Obama" in an effort to figure out why some Republicans found Obama attractive. And guess what? It was Republican Cultural Socialism that turned them off. Even more so than Obama's Economic Socialism.

The comments were especially interesting. I think they have a lot of expectations that will not be fulfilled. However, I think they have pointed out the very thing that makes Republicans a regional party. The Culture Wars.


RavingDave said...

look if you want to break it in two that's just fine with me. Since most of the backstabbers IMO fall into the catagory of the socially liberal, I would prefer to be in a situation where they were clearly identifiable so that their wrong headed ideas will not be lain at the feet of the rest of the conservatives, as has been the case so many times in the past.


M. Simon said...

But Dave,

I voted straight Republican. And urged everyone I knew to do the same. You have been reading here haven't you?

And the back stabbers? Romney Republicans. Those are the guys who didn't show up at the polls - I'm working on a post.

And who exactly is backstabbing the party? The big spenders in Congress.

But hey. If you don't want my kind in the party - more loyal for the last 4 elections than regular Republicans - fine. The party has just shrunk another 1 or 2% And become even more regional.

Sarah will show you how to win Rs and Ds. Read "The Real Stealth Candidate" to find out how a professional who wants to win elections does it.

Get back to me when the party shows some fiscal discipline and you want to win elections. Like any voter I have my price.

Tom Cuddihy said...

lack of fiscal discipline and congressional backbone is not exactly a plank in the Republican agenda. If the republicans have reached the point in your mind where they're defined more by their failures to live up to their professed ideology than by their actual ideology, then you're faulting actual leaders and party execution, not the party's stances.

M. Simon said...


The Republicans are a pack of liars.

I stuck with them because of Iraq. Iraq is in hand. So what is left?

RavingDave said...

Whoa, you misunderstand me. I support fiscal conservatism as much or more than I support cultural conservatism, its just that our party hasn't been living up to it's historic rhetoric. I WANT smaller government, and I WANT less intrusive government, but I don't want government interfering in the culture wars like it has been doing for the last 60 years. (thank you ACLU)

Our side DESERVED to Lose the last two elections, (because of our insane spending) however the country didn't deserve to get replacements which were worse than the one's they kicked out.

In any case, we are quibbling over details. In my mind the Fourth branch of Government is the one we need to repair first, then the other three will be straightened out easily.


M. Simon said...


It was the socons of the Protestant variety who started the culture wars. The ACLU was a response.

See my latest post. What Is The Democrat Party?

A significant part of the socon right are haters. The Ds have their number. And the haters control the party.

It is a damn shame. By denying Cultural Liberty they are losing Economic Liberty. God is just.

And where did all the anti-discrimination laws come from? The suppression of black people by haters. Now it is being used to constrain our liberties. All because we did not honor Liberty in the first place. God is just.

You can not oppress another man without in the end oppressing yourself. God is just.

M. Simon said...

As ye sow so shall ye reap.

RavingDave said...

I am finding it ever more difficult to understand what you are saying, and it appears that you are having the same problem.

I know your disdain for the social
conservatives agenda is one of your favorite hobby horses, (that and drug legalization) but it really seems to be fire aimed in the wrong direction.

Let us postulate a man killed in battle. His big toe is blown off, he's got a shrapnel wound in the torso, and a big freakin hole in his head. The cause of death was most likely the big freakin hole in his head, not the shot off big toe or the torso wound.

I say that the Everyone who appears on television incessently criticizing our side and not only covering up for but Praising the other side constitues the "Big freakin Hole in the head", while people turned off by "Cultural Conservatism" represents a shot off big toe.

If the media people wouldn't carry water for the other side, the cultural stuff would be incidental, and not a minus at all. (it didn't hurt Reagan, did it?)

Okay, enough from me. Back to opining on the Big Toe.


M. Simon said...

Yeah. If the media wouldn't carry water for the other side all would be hunky dory. And if the sun didn't shine we'd all freeze to death.

Now getting back to reality.

What is my beef with socons? It isn't their religion. I'm fine with that. So what is it? The disasters they produce. And then fail to remember they had anything to do with them.

I'm not going to get into the details of the history (you can look it up).

The socon/progressive alliance produced the public school system as indoctrination centers to "Americanize" Catholic and Jewish immigrants. And now that the progs have control the big complaint from the socons is that schools are indoctrination centers. Whoa dude. That is what the socons of another generation wanted - it just got away from them.

And then the prog/socon alliance produced the drug war followed by the alcohol war. Since alcohol was more widely used that was figured out in short order. Drugs have taken longer. We are losing Afghanistan due to opium prohibition and Mexico is turning into a narco State. All financed by prohibition. Not to mention the criminal class in America financed by prohibition.

So dood. If the socons had some humility about their glaring errors and gave up their smug "we know what is right and what to do about it" attitude I might have some more sympathy.

Oh yeah, not to mention the drug war shredding of the 4th Amendment and the imperiling of our gun rights from prohibition induced violence.

So doo as I said. A little more humility before embarking on the next crusade to save our souls. Maybe they have to be saved one by one instead of en mass at the point of a government gun.

M. Simon said...

So dood as I said. A little more humility before embarking on the next crusade to save our souls. Maybe they have to be saved one by one instead of en mass at the point of a government gun.

RavingDave said...

My point about the media is that IT is the branch of government we need to take first, not that the situations is helpless and we should just live with it.

Rather than argue about this or that tangental effect, we should
acknowledge the primary cause of defeat and figure out ways to take it out.


RavingDave said...

On the SoCon indoctrination schools, (I really don't think we are talking about the same people) you yourself admitted that that was a previous generation and you somehow want to blame the son for the sins of the father.

I know religious kooks, and religious kooks will behave... well... Kooky. They try to indoctrinate everybody, fortunately I think the danger of them wielding the power of government is long past. Now we have kooky athiest/NewAge/Gai-worshippers/Communists etc. running government to worry about.

Christian religious kooks are mostly just very annoying, but the other guys are historically deadly.

Oh, and I agree with you about the 4th amendment violations. That's bullshit.


M. Simon said...

On the SoCon indoctrination schools, (I really don't think we are talking about the same people) you yourself admitted that that was a previous generation and you somehow want to blame the son for the sins of the father.

And I will continue to do so until they give up Cultural Socialism.

You need to look up the history of public schools in America. I did a post on it. Or you can go straight to the wiki.

You might also look up how Rev. Billy Sunday was involved in alcohol prohibition.

Or Mike Hukabee's socialist tendencies.

I have posted on all the above.

Santayana: "Those ignorant of history...."

M. Simon said...

It is impossible to reform the media without firing almost all the managers and reporters.

Fortunately the market is doing the job for us.

Cancel your newspapers and don't watch TV. That will help.

RavingDave said...

I've read of Billy Sunday. Turn of the century, not much to do. Might as well become a busybody.

I was never particularly fond of Mike Huckabee for those and other reasons. My favorite was Fred Thompson, but he wanted the nomination handed to him late in the game.

You are right about the market forces and the media, i'm just thinking we can speed it up a bit, and make their crash a lot harder if possible. Internet TV will eventually make Mainstream media obsolete. I can't wait.

I've often wondered why no one has thought to sue media companies based on discrimination in hiring against conservatives. I've often joked we need an affirmative action program for conservatives in media.


M. Simon said...

Fred is another who shows the way forward. He was my favorite too. He is no culture warrior.

I was really down about his losing the nomination until Palin came along.

Palin is in the Fred mold. Only younger and prettier. And she has the fire Fred lacked.