Friday, November 14, 2008

What I Like About Palin

You know what I like about Sarah Palin? With respect to social conservatism she leads by example without any need for the heavy hand of government. And with respect to economic conservatism she puts her principles into action.

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Triton'sPolarTiger said...


I think you've nailed it.

I expressed my thoughts on a similar subject a year ago at Wretchard's place:

I was going back and forth with a fellow poster, Mətušéla, and offered the following:


"Just to be clear, I'm an equal opportunity "religious bigot". I strongly dislike (put mildly) organized religion and the people that associate themselves with organized religion. Belief in the mystical is a private individual psychosis, and that's where it should stay."

Being as I'm a psychotic of the evangelical protestant flavor, I take seriously the admonition Jesus puts forth at the end of Matthew's Gospel, namely that we should be busy about the business of making disciples... however, I respect the fact that this is Wretchard's space and therefore confine such activity to other realms... after all, the understanding I have of the Jesus to whom I am committed is that the Gift He offered is just that: a gift. No coercion implied or required. I have no business attempting to force decisions that He didn't use His considerable power to do, so I suspect you and I should get along just fine.

Besides, anyone who lists "Blade Runner" as a movie favorite and enjoys Rachmaninoff is likely to be someone who I'd find rather enjoyable.

Merry Christmas! :-) "

From what I can observe, Gov Palin is cut from a similar cloth - if so, then she just might be a force for conservatism for years to come.