Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tom Ligon To Talk About IEC Fusion Developments

Tom will be at the Philcon Science Fiction convention this coming Saturday, 22 Nov 2008. You can read what Tom has to say about his upcoming talk at Talk Polywell.

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Anonymous said...

A science fiction convention, huh? That sounds just perfect for the IEC fantasy.

Let us know when you sci-fi folks decide to get serious and submit an abstract to an ANS meeting.

Anonymous said...


What are your thoughts about Arc Reactor Technology (ART)? ART was invented by a true genius (I believe he graduated MIT at 16, and may have been one of the late Dr. Bussards' former protege) and has been miniturized to such an extent that it is completely portable. In fact, the first prototype miniature reactor generated 3 GW, while the second improved reactor generates four times that! This is more power than is produced by the world's largest nuclear reactor and is more than fifteen times greater than the power of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. I am thinking that a Manhattan-style project and 2-5 months of work should do the trick.

Unfortunately, there will be some that will not welcome ART. It is a fully disruptive technology. I fear that the BFR supporters, who have yet to demonstrate a Q greater than 1e-6, may be prone to sabotage. With your deep connections, I know you can help spread the gospel of ART to your true believers.

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