Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Reports from Boyztown

I believe Boyztown in Chicago is the Belmont/Halsted area. HillBuzz has the report.

You can tell the Obama supporters on the street, though. They look really worried. Word’s spreading fast here that Obama’s going to lose — the big Reifenstahl-styled rally Obama planned for Grant Park has been downgraded, according to police we know. Instead of one million people coming out to hear his concession speech tonight, the city is now expecting only “tens of thousands”. The world’s biggest celebrity doesn’t seem to be drawing the crowd he hoped.

More later when we get the chance — back to our stations — another four hours or so until polls close here.

If turnout and excitement for Obama are as dismal in the rest of the city as they are in Boystown, this could be a VERY bad night for Dear Leader.
Let us hope so.

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Anonymous said...

I guess your guys forgot to tell the 1,000,000 souls that are currently at Grant that they aren't supposed to be there right now....

That's ok -- we'll have a fine party without you! :-)