Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama: We Will Bankrupt You

He is talking about how he will bankrupt any investment in new coal power plants. I think that is just the start.

BTW Obama's State, Illinois, has a significant coal mining industry.

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rumcrook said...


this guy shouldnt even be close to the presidency! he's is smooth and calm on the outside but on the inside he's a nut.

he plans on change all right the kind of change that would sink america like a stone to the bottom of a lake!

peter said...

Here's to Obama losing his home state.

Seems like every time he lets slip a position of substance he turns off more thinking people.

Anonymous said...

He forgot to bang his shoe on the desk.

rumcrook said...

dishman that was fucking beautiful! I havent laughed in two days. dark humor is better than none at all.