Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Little Late For Halloween

No Quarter posted the the video and lots of comments. And as a teaser let me post a bit of the transcript also found there.
MEACHAM: You know, they don’t let him out. And have you ever seen a victory speech where there was no one else on stage?

ROSE: Mmm.

MEACHAM: No adoring wife, no cute kid. He is the messenger.

THOMAS: There is a slightly creepy cult of personality about all this. I mean, he’s such an admirable –

ROSE: Slightly. Creepy. Cult of personality.


ROSE: What’s slightly creepy about it?

THOMAS: It — it — it just makes me a little uneasy that he’s so singular. He’s clearly managing his own spectacle. He’s a deeply manipulative guy.
Yes he is. You might want to look at my post Cult of Personality and the companion video Master of Hypnosis. We have seen these cults before and they almost always end badly. I think Lincoln got it best in the American context - "You can't fool all of the people all of the time."

And when the tin god is found to have clay feet? When Hope is gone? Well it turns ugly. I wonder if he will be like Lyndon Johnson who declined to run for a second term? We will have four years to find out.

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