Thursday, November 06, 2008

Soothe The Monkeys

The problem with social conservatism with respect to candidates winning elections is that it gets the monkeys screaming. That does not help win elections. Soothe the monkeys.

Tell what you want to accomplish.

1. Clean out the corrupt - Start with our own house.
2. Fiscal responsibility
3. We don't want to change your life - we want to get government out of it. Think RR (Except for his drug war BS - maybe we can correct that flaw. We are in effect financing a war against ourselves on our Southern border. This is at minimum considered militarily inept.)
4. Get the economy moving again.

Core message?

Leave Us Alone

Is our rallying cry.

You know why I just love Palin to death? I think she can convince socons to do the right thing.

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