Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Wins It


I guess Plumbers, PUMAs, and Palin were not enough. Oh, well. We are in for a rough 4 years.


LifeTrek said...

I hope not, but I fear your right -- and the fear of hearing only liberal approved speech, no drilling, and no prosecution of the war on terror (the way it was working, not the actual prosecution thingy).

Good news, it was a close vote -- that means America didn't swing, just didn't want Republicans this year.

J Carlton said...

Hitler didn't win by a landslide either-the first time. There was no second time. On the other hand, Obama now has unenviable position of rising way, way beyond his peter level, with no executive experience at all, and no experience at actually doing anything.

rumcrook said...

I own a company that sells a service and product (signs) to other companies. poor people do not buy signs from me.

if this guy does what he says hes going to to do, penalize anyone with extra jingle in thier pocket,

it will kill my company.

Snake Oil Baron said...

I suspect that the first couple years will be the worst. With Presidency, Senate and House on his side he knows that anything he wants done will be easier now. I have heard that there are more Democratic created messes like the credit crisis waiting in the wings and he will need to use them to justify lots of "changes".

The dictators and terrorists who want to make land grabs or strikes against Israel will understand that he will be so busy with his own projects that he will not want to offer anything more than obligatory verbal condemnation of "both sides" for a while.

If the Iran regime is smart it will hold off a bit to see if Obama actually removes forces from Iraq quickly and completely before reaching out against the neighbors any more than it currently is.